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6th Place x2
5th Place x5
4th Place x24
3rd Place x30
2nd Place x16
1st Place x19

NMA Dancer of the Weekend (Chloe Myers) 

YCA Special Recognition Awards:
Ashleigh Shaw, Connor Oldroyd, Maddie Wiseman x3, Emma Rogers and Vicky.

NMA Dancer of The Year (Olivia Temple)

NMA Sportsmanship troupe of the weekend x2

NMA Most Improved troupe of the Year 

YCA Sportsmanship troupe of the Year!

11th Place x1
8th Place x1
6th Place x7
5th Place x8
4th Place x10
3rd Place x51
2nd Place x55
1st Place x35

YCA Judges Outstanding Achievement Award to the whole troupe

YCA Judges Award for Most Potential for a young dancer (Maisie Wiseman)

YCA Judges Special Awards:
Olivia Temple, Katrina Pender, Connor Oldroyd, Lucy Bower, Tae Holmes. 

5th Place x1
4th Place x89
3rd Place x90
2nd Place x92
1st Place x78

Michelle Taylor Award for Outstanding Coaches in Freestyle

Helen Mountain Award for Outstanding Dancer with Excellent Professionalism (Chloe Myers)

BMSA contribution and Outstanding Improvement Awarded to the Whole Team

4th Place x 3
3rd Place x 15
2nd Place x 3
1st Place x 7

YCA Superstar awards:
Jessica Sheard, Aimee-Jo Darnbrough, Chloe Myers, Rachel Hemingway, Robert Oldroyd, Emma Rogers and Edie Barker.

UBT Overall Sprit Award March (Emma Pickersgill)

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